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Via Christus Academy

Via Christus Academy is a 3-year theological and Christian life education program. The program can be completed after 350 hours of training, 7,500 pages of reading, and various assignments, exams, and church ministry experience. We use 3 different educational platforms in our program: Main Courses, Auxiliary Courses, and Seminars.

Our Purpose

Discipling mature leaders in God’s Word is a difficult challenge throughout Turkiye. Institutions related to the subject are few and academies are almost non-existent. When many pastors’ workload is already overwhelming and logisticals and financial issues are insurmountable, leadership training is also left entirely to the local church, and this reality seems like an impassable mountain to climb for many. This is why Via Christus is passionate about coming alongside the church to help them disciple local leaders. We want to see the gospel spread around the world and new churches established, and therefore we take the issue of leadership training seriously. Our goal is to produce Gospel-centered leaders who are spiritually mature, theologically equipped, competent, and filled with the desire to serve the local church and plant future churches. We believe that the church is the main means God has chosen to make disciples, and therefore we believe in church-sponsored, church-based, and church localized education.

Our Statement Of Faith & Distinctives

Via Christus Ministry accepts the Gospel Coalition Faith Statement and offers a Church-based, Gospel-Centered, and Mission-oriented theological education committed to Reformed theology. We believe that the Biblical knowledge of God shapes and transforms all of life, and therefore we take seriously the need for this theological education to not only be comprehensive, but also applicable within the local church. We train Pastors, Deacons, and prospective leaders to be of long-term benefit to the church by educating them not only in the knowledge of God, but also in practical ministry, communication skills, critical thinking, counseling, and problem solving.

We aspire to provide a healthy education through our dedicated academics, local faculty, and counselors who are committed to serving the Lord and supporting the lives of the students and the future of the church. As Via Christus Academy, we want to see our students grow in the knowledge of God and His holiness, and we consider it a privilege to play this role in their education. If there is anything we can do to serve you, please contact us.

Grace and peace,

Kerem Koç
President of ​Via Christus Ministries



We desire to provide education that transforms both minds and hearts through theology, leading to practical Godly living..

Our ministry exists to produce mature leaders who live in God’s Word with these distinctives:

  • Theologically Robust
  • Reformed Soteriology
  • Motivated To Strengthen Existing Local Churches & Plant New Ones.
  • Gospel-Centered and Mission-Minded​
``The Academy holds such an important place in my life. From the first moment of attendance I formed close friendships with many other church leaders. At the same time, as a result from the training I received, visible effects occurred in both my life of faith and in my life of ministry.``
Hakan Yıldırım


``Via Christus Academy provides an absolutely Christ-centered and gospel-oriented education. My church and I benefit greatly from the Academy, the Publication House, and from the online resources provided by Via Christus Ministry.``
Mesut Çiftçi


``For me, the greatest impact and benefit of this Academy has been a deep and effective understanding of the Bible. Being able to apply what I have learned from our studies, both in our church and in my personal life of faith as a pastor is the greatest gain.``
Antuan Gürün


``The instruction and knowledge given to us in these classes is immensely healthy, illuminating, and equipping; they provide an opportunity that we need for learning. As is the case with every believer, we must always have an accurate and fresh knowledge in learning and understanding the Lord’s Word more deeply.``
Hayri Özsürekçi