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Student Responsibilities

Participation Requirements & Scholarship

All academy students are will only be selected from among active church elders or church leaders who are already serving in their local churches. Via Christus Ministries has resolved to take on the financial burden required to provide each student with 3 years of education to support their church and ministry. This is undoubtedly a serious financial responsibility for us and although the costs are not paid by the students it is a significant investment for which all students are expected to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in a very careful and self-sacrificing manner.

Full participation in the main courses of the Academy and fulfillment of all course requirements (homework, exams, readings, and projects) within the given dates is expected. Students are also expected to attend all other classes unless in case of an emergency. These Main courses will be held for 5 days, 3 times a year, in autumn, spring, and summer. The exact dates of the courses will be announced in the ‘Academic Calendar’ section and What’s app group at least 2 months before the course date.

Online Courses

Supplementary lectures and Seminars will generally be held online. Students who cannot attend the Main courses due to various reasons can follow some courses from our online library with the permission of the Local Faculty.

Student Counselors

At the beginning of the academic year, an advisor/mentor is assigned to each student. Before the education program starts, students are encouraged to contact their advisor about both their curriculum and spiritual life. They should have at least 5 meetings during the year about the education program and any subjects that the faculty deems necessary.

Student Page

All students will have a student page where they can track their own progress. From their page they will be able to learn all necessary information regarding their academics.

Training Days

Except for the face-to-face trainings, all other classes are held on Tuesday evenings unless otherwise stated. The dates of online courses will be notified to students at least 15 days in advance.


Students are obliged to submit homework (readings, book reports, presentations, ministry responsibilities, and exams) within the time given to either the faculty or an advisor. Homework can be given by the instructor of the course or by the faculty.